Sunday, March 26, 2006

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a fact of life. We need it to enable our 7x24 society to run without skipping a beat. Take a look around you, it is everywhere. Therein lies the problem. Many people don't give much thought to outdoor lighting. They simply require lighting for their homes and business and if some light is good, more light must be better. They don't try to match their outdoor lighting requirements to what they choose to install. In many cases, far more lighting is installed than is required. If all you're looking to do is walk from the car to the front door without tripping, you're unlikely to need multiple floodlights. These are likely to reduce your visibility, not improve it. Then we have folks who install photocells, devices which automatically turn their lights on when it gets dark. The problem is, they're emitting large amounts of light throughout the night, even though there is no activity outside the house. This wastes vast amounts of energy and (as you'll see if you visit this blog regularly) creates havoc for entire eco-systems.
It is the hope of the authors of this blog that you'll come to appreciate the night for what it is and not try to erase this very important aspect of our lives. Natural lightscapes are required by every living creature on this Earth. Without a proper light dark cycle, we put at risk the very quality of life we constantly strive to improve.

The Night

So much goes on at night that most people are generally unaware of. It is a time when darkness settles over the land, and stars fill the sky. It is a time for some to rest and others to wake. This blog will be an attempt to reunite our hurried society with the peace and tranquility of the night environment.